Just because the zombies have overrun the world and we’ve been forced to escape into the wild doesn’t mean we head out without a reliable way to eat our reconstituted freeze-dried meals! A little piece of civilization can remind us of where we’ve come from and perhaps give us hope on the darkest of days that some day we can make it back to that point once again. So let’s dig in and eat up with the finest, lightest, most durable outdoor cutlery we can muster!


Snow Peak Titanium Spork

This is a beautifully crafted piece of survival gear. By combining the spoon and fork into one unit and by utilizing titanium for the construction, Snow Peak has given us an incredibly lightweight and versatile, durable utensil with which we may feed our faces.

After a long day of defeating zombie marauders and saving what’s left of humanity, you deserve to come back to your camp and enjoy your dinner with this fantastic cutlery creation. At .6 ounces you won’t even know that it’s there until it’s time to eat and you dine like the king of the survivors that you are.

Snow Peak Titanium Spork


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