How to Build a Survival Shelter

When the horde is finally unleashed, you won't always know where you're gonna be bedding down for the night. If you are stranded in the wilderness, you'll need shelter to protect you from the elements and hide you from the undead until it's time to move. In this post,...

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How to Survive without Water

If you are in the wilderness with an empty bottle, do not worry too much. Take a deep breath, knowing that there ways to survive without water. If you know the ways, you will not only survive but also enjoy the thrill of survival. Unless of course this particular...

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Wilderness Survival Food Guide

You made it! You survived the first wave of zombie attacks. But by now you have also realized that the food you have always taken for granted is now a limited resource. It’s a fact that the human body can survive up to three weeks without food. But if you want to stay...

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How to Build a Fire [3 Methods]

Building a fire in a wilderness of calm and beauty on one of your wild but fun outings would be an enjoyable adventure. Maybe you even have a companion to chat with as you enjoy the exciting feeling of reinventing one of those technologies that changed the life of...

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Survival of the Fittest

Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse mean you need to learn basic survival skills. This book is a must have and is trusted by the military. SAS Survival Handbook, Revised Edition: For Any Climate, in Any Situation

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