You’ve got to protect your hands. All the guns and knives and swords and clubs in the world won’t do you much good if your fingers fall off from frostbite (also, you can’t open a cold beer after defeating the zombie horde without an opposable thumb). So let’s talk hand crammers that are warm, durable and flexible enough to do what needs to be done!


The Marmot Windstopper

This fleece glove is not too bulky and has an awesome Gore Windstopper membrane built into it. That means that despite its relatively lightweight, it is incredibly warm and durable.

The Marmot Windstopper also comes equipped with leather reinforced fingertips and palms, making it great for a day at the range, or if you’ve got some hard work that needs to be done.

This glove can be combined with a simple waterproof shell (like the Precip Shell Glove) for a dynamite winter accessory.

Marmot Men's Windstopper Glove

The Marmot Armageddon Undercuff Glove

When you absolutely, positively, have to stay warm and dry while kicking ass and taking names, this is your glove. It utilizes waterproof Precip technology to create a warm and dry environment in the most heinous of conditions.

It was originally designed as a freestyle skiing glove, so it has some gnarly butt-kicking padding on the fronts of the fingers and tops of the hands.

That added protection may come in handy if you’ve got to reverse-windmill punch a zombie in the face and you don’t want to bruise your digits. This glove is the real deal.

The Marmot Armageddon Undercuff Glove

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