Stay alive and save your species.

Be prepared and learn how to protect yourself from the living dead! This site features thoughtful and comprehensive lists of equipment you should have for the Zombie Apocalypse.

Take the time to start preparing your zombie survival kit NOW.

Our survival kits are perfect for any “survival of the fittest” situation, not just the zombie apocalypse. We all know unexpected things happen all the time so it is important to be prepared for ANY type of disaster. Our individual survival kit is the PERFECT bug-out bag to help you prepare for any type of emergency.

Individual Survival Kit

Be prepared and start gathering your zombie survival kit now.

Group Survival Kit

Being alone during the zombie apocalypse would suck. Here’s a list of things every group should have.

Long Run Survival Kit

Most people won’t last very long. For those that do, here is what they’ll need.


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ZAR Squad

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ZAR = Zombie Apocalypse Response.


ZAR Squad

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