The obligatory cotton keepsake of the outdoorsman, the bandana is synonymous with rugged versatility. Bandanas can keep the sweat from your brow or wipe the dirt from your eyes. Bandanas can serve as a signal flag, or be finely shredded to use as a fire starter. The bandana can bind wounds or filter dirt from a muddy water source. Never was any item as indispensible to the outdoorsman as the bandana when no toilet paper could be found! The word bandana comes from the Tamil of Sri Lanka’s word “Bandham” which means “a bond”. What truth there is in that etymology! There is very little a survivalist will rely upon as readily or hold so dear as the magnificent bandana!


The Carolina MFG Cotton Bandana

This is your traditional paisley patterned, lightweight cotton bandana. Tie it on your neck, on your head, or on your pack and hit the road. You’ll be more prepared than you thought you could be.

A bandana is one of those things that is useful for a thousand things. It could be used as a neck gaiter for cold weather, pot holder, collecting wild edibles, washcloth, sweatband, gun wipe cloth, toilet paper, napkin, and soooo much more! We recommend keeping multiple bandanas – at least 2.

The Carolina MFG Cotton Bandana


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