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Recommended Rifles

So where did rifles come from? What does rifle even mean? Well, up until about the 1850’s, guns were made with a “smooth bore”, meaning that the inside of a guns barrel was just a smooth tube.

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Recommended .22 Pistols

It has been said that practice makes perfect, and with the ease of shooting provided by the .22 pistol, there should be no shortage of perfection in our anti-zombie legions!

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Recommended Carbines

Greetings to the anti-zombie brigade! Today you and I are going to delve into the realm of the “carbine”. Hey Bast, what in the hell is a carbine? Great question internet, and thanks for asking!!

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Recommended .45 Pistols

Some folks have said “Well Bast, that’s all well and good with the 9mm, but I’ve got big strong hands and wrists like tree trunks and I’d like to blow some big-ass holes in some zombies.”

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Recommended 9mm Pistols

The 9mm pistol provides many desirable qualities to look for in a backup weapon: they are compact, accurate, user friendly and have readily available ammo. As we’ve said before, a firearm is only useful if you can find ammo and maintain it without too much trouble.

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Recommended Shotguns

Shotguns differ from rifles in that they are generally designed to fire anywhere from 1 to hundreds of pellets (called shot) from a single cartridge. The advantages of (good) shotguns are that they fire these pellets in a consistent and concentrated grouping called a “pattern”.

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