Hand-Held Radio With Radio

If you’re like a lot of people preparing for the zombie apocalypse, you’re not planning on going it alone. You’ve got a hand picked team of people you trust and can rely on when the shit hits the fan, and that’s fantastic. One thing to consider with a team of people is how you’ll communicate if you become separated (either intentionally for scouting or unintentionally because something went wrong). If you’re not face to face you still need to be able discreetly be in touch with each other. A great way to handle group communication is to use rechargeable, shared frequency radios with earpieces. These radios allow for hands free communication across short or long distances.


The Midland GXT1000VP4

This 2-way radio comes in packs of 2 and is a great way to ensure reliable communication amongst your group. The GXT1000 comes with an excellent weatherproof coating that will keep your lines of communication open in the rain or snow.

The variable frequencies on the GXT1000 allow for over 5000 available channels for communication. It also comes with adjustable power settings, allowing the user to conserve battery life during close communications, but also to increase the output when long distance communication is necessary.

One of my favorite features of the GXT1000 is the “Whisper” feature, which allows you to speak softly but still be understood by your team without any difficulty.

The Midland GXT1000VP4


***You’ll want to pick up a solar charger to keep your radios charged, and the Goal Zero Sherpa 50 Solar recharging kit with Power Inverter will handle pretty much all of your needs.***

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