Extra Batteries

At this point in the game it should probably have crossed your mind that many of the modern conveniences we enjoy will probably not be available during a zombie outbreak. This will primarily be due to widespread electrical failures and power outages. We can assume that the men and women who operate the electrical power plants will probably have a hard time making it in to work once throngs of zombies are marching down the interstate. With that same theme in mind, it’s probably going to be tough to find fresh batteries for any small electrical devices you may need for your escape from “Zombie Town, USA”. So what can we do to prepare for this electrical “shortage”? First-

Figure out what kinds of batteries your equipment utilizes and stockpile them. Single-A, Double-A, Triple-A, Nine-Volt, C-cell, D-cell and various watch batteries. Be sure to READ DIRECTIONS on your electrical devices. Some devices REQUIRE lithium batteries or they’ll drain the power source in just 1 or 2 uses (SteriPen is a good example of this).

Consider obtaining a portable solar charger like the 7W BLKBOX Portable Folding Solar Kit. It will reliably charge any electronic device that has a USB port. Or you may want to use something like the Goal Zero 41022 Guide 10 Plus Solar Recharge Kit. It can charge up your rechargeable Double-A or Triple-A batteries in a few hours using only direct sunlight. Using devices like these can keep you alive and plugged in for literally years to come.

Remember, it’s all about surviving and overcoming adversity out there. You’ll need every resource available to you in top working order. So stock up and keep those lights, water treatments and night-vision goggles switched on and smashing!

 7W BLKBOX Portable Folding Solar Kit


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