Compact Entrenching Tool

Compact-Entrenching-ToolThough a powerful high carbon steel entrenching tool will make a great weapon for offing zombies, there are other important and practical uses as well. Having a lightweight entrenching tool like the SOG F08-N gives you a way to bury your mess. Yes. Whether chased by flesh eaters or not you are gonna have to poop. Digging cat holes is not fun if all you have is a knife blade.

Whether you are filling sandbag walls or turning the earth for a new garden you just gotta have a small shovel. There is no way you are lugging a big metal spade around with you, unless it’s your weapon of choice against the zombies.

This model by SOG folds up and fits in a small carrying case. You can’t even whine about the added weight. The tool only weighs 1.5 pounds. Listen, you are going to need a way to bury your scat when you are on the go. We will see a new pandemic if we don’t deal with personal hygiene properly. This multiuse tool is an essential part of your loadout.

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