Bolt Cutter

When the zombies rise and civilization begins to fall, there may be times when you and your group need to get into some places that might have chains or locks that prevent you from doing so. Maybe you’ve run into a fence, or a locked barn with much needed supplies inside. In times like those, it can be very advantageous to have a reliable and effective set of bolt cutters available. The thing with bolt cutters is that they tend to be extremely heavy and cumbersome. So the best cutters you can find would be small and light, but still strong and durable. With that in mind, I present to you the best damn bolt cutters that a group can find.

The Tekton 3388 12-Inch Bolt Cutter

When you talk about good things coming in small packages, the Tekton 3388 should be used as the primary example every time! These pocket-sized pieces of hardened steel and sex appeal will cut through anything they can get their jaws around. Galvanized wire? No problem. Combination lock? Easy. Fence wire? You won’t even have to slow down. The Tekton 3388 should be called “The Master Key” because they’ll get you in to just about anywhere. So when your survival depends on it, don’t waste precious moments trying to break through chains or locks while the zombies close in. Lead your group to safety and blow through obstacles with the Tekton 3388.

The Tekton 3388 12-Inch Bolt Cutter


(Oh and if you need to cut some really, really tough stuff, the 3388 has a big brother)

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