Explosive Devices (3)

In a world of walking dead, explosive devices can do much more than simply maim. When you see these disgusting, cryptic hoards you realize much of the maiming has already taken place. Explosives can be lifesaving diversions as well that pull a horde away from you. They have a keen sense of smell and will stay on a scent for days but they also love a good BANG.

There are three types of readily available explosives or exploding devices. The first being items under pressure. These are rather benign explosions that are more for noise than concussive power. If you have anything that gas its contents under pressure you are on the right track. Some of the best are:

  • Bug Spray
  • Non-Stick Spray
  • Wood Polish

Simply toss these into your fire before the hoard arrives and if they chase you the BOOM will distract them.

Up next is gunpowder. It may seem like a wild idea but making your own gunpowder is actually pretty easy. It is really a mix of 3 ingredients in the right percentage.

75% Powdered Charcoal
15% Saltpeter (Spectracide)
10% Sulfur

Mix these ingredients together in these increments and you have yourself some black powder. If you can contain it in something it helps the BOOM get even louder.

Finally, you can employ the tactics of terrorists. The pressure cooker can be an absolutely devastating improvised weapon. If it’s filled with nails and ball bearing this will take out zombies at the legs and could prove to be a great weapon in your battle against the dead.

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