Replacement Water Filters

No matter what choice you make when it comes to water filter you are going to need a replacement. You can die just as quick from drinking water from a tapped-out filter as you can by not filtering it at all. Using a reliable water filter is crucial but having a working filter is a matter of life and death.

Buy extras when you by your filter. Be very careful about the filters you buy and swap them out when they arrive to assure they are the right size and fit. As a survivor, it’s your duty to know how to use your equipment.

Sadly, the day will come when your water filters all run out. Do you have a plan then? Creating a three-bucket bio filter from ingredients provided by nature is not a tough undertaking. This is a very important skill for long term survival. Your water will still need to be boiled but this filter will also keep you from getting sick as a dog.

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