Chemical Light Sticks

Chemical lights are a consumable. These are lights that may not be around long after the collapse but they will offer up options and save batteries in your flashlight. They are also not as harsh as flashlights. The light may not draw the dead as readily as white light. You can get your hands-on quality chem lights these days. Don’t depend on the ones they are selling at the fireworks show!

I’m going to introduce you to one use for these chem lights that makes them essential in dealing with the walking dead. Have a look at the chem light trip wire. If you are setting up a base camp without these you are a damned fool!

You can depend on fishing line and coke cans if you want to but I will tell you the many things you can do with chem lights make them an essential part of your inventory. Be sure that you have enough of these ahead of time. You aren’t going to uncover a 12 pack of chem lights at your average run-down convenience store.

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