Bicycle Powered Generator

Many of the situations we’ll face during and after the zombie apocalypse will be made worse by the loss of electricity. Whether it may be the need to charge our radios or the need to keep our antibiotics in a cool environment, electrical power is something that will be sorely missed when the grid collapses. Thankfully there are some great solutions available to us today that will provide almost indefinite electrical supplies. We’ve previously talked about a few solar power collection options, but today we’ll get a little more involved in the process.

The lightweight KTOR Powerbox is the ultimate in emergency power generation. You can bolt this bad boy to the floor and take turns cranking out enough juice to power a shortwave radio, recharge batteries or power light sources. It has a universal outlet jack, so you can plug in your electronics and start cranking out the power. In a group survival situation I’d recommend having more than one of these chargers potentially all the way up to having one charger for every team member. That way you have back ups as well as maximum power generation capabilities. If you’ve spent good money on electronics that you’ll depend on for your survival, you’ve got to plan on a way to keep them powered up and working. The K-TOR Powerbox is the solution to that problem.

K-TOR Powerbox


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