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What are some good non-firearm weapons?

Well, in a pinch any solid blunt object that isn’t too heavy to use for self defense is good to have. A decent baseball bat or shovel handle cut short to make a club are good lightweight options that are durable and easily procured. Stay away from…

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How long do you think dumb people will survive?

I think that the term “dumb” could be pretty open to interpretation (anything from those who don’t have survival skills, to those with low IQ’s, to people without the ability to speak), so let’s just pick a category and give that our best guess…

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Should you wear makeup to fool the zombies?

No, dude. The only good thing about this question is that you were at least trying to think of solutions to problems that you might encounter. The idea of trying to blend in with the zombies (while HILARIOUS in the film “Shawn of the Dead”) is absolutely out of the question in a real zombie scenario.

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What’s the best zombie killing weapon under $30?

Like the great Clint Eastwood said in the film “Pale Rider”…”There’s nothing like a nice piece of hickory”. Of course in the film he had just used an ax handle to beat a gang of really bad guys within an inch of their lives. The ax handle works like a charm to…

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How fast are zombies?

Without knowing exactly what form of contagion the zombie outbreak will be derived from, it’s hard to know exactly how fast the infected will be moving. They could be slow moving masses of reanimated corpses.

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If blood is everywhere, am I infected?

Well that all depends on the method of transmission specific to the contagion the zombies you dispatched were afflicted with. You see, we’re not 100% certain which form of contagion the Zed virus will manifest itself in and that provides the underlying issue.

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Would it be good to wear a tactical vest?

The thing is if you think you’ll be using the tactical vest, you’ll need to be prepared to train in it to become accustomed to the weight and fit. Also, just because a vest allows you to carry more things doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

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