If blood is everywhere, am I infected?

In this edition of “Ask Bast”,”Brad Pitt” asks: “Say I walk into a house and zombies are everywhere, I kill them but blood is everywhere, am I infected?”

Zombie BloodWell that all depends on the method of transmission specific to the contagion the zombies you dispatched were afflicted with. You see, we’re not 100% certain which form of contagion the Zed virus will manifest itself in and that provides the underlying issue. You have to know how it spreads to know how to prevent infection. If it’s a standard blood borne pathogen, and blood is in fact “everywhere”, you will be at risk if you’ve gotten any of that blood into any open wound, your eyes or any of your mucus membranes. If it’s an air borne pathogen, you may have been infected when you entered your home and not even realized it. The best advice I can give at this point is to remove yourself from the contaminated area and dispose of any exposed clothing by burning. I would then use a sterilizing cleanser like isopropyl alcohol or iodine to eliminate possible trace contagion from any surface of your body. Pay particular attention to the area beneath your nails and the insides of your ears. I would then recommend you being placed in some form of monitored isolation for no less than 48 hours to determine whether infection has taken place (this can be modified if known contagion incubation time is more or less than 48 hours).

As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure so the BEST advice is to not wind up in a room drenched in the blood of zombies, but sometimes these things cannot be avoided.

Brad this was an excellent question, almost as excellent as you were in Legends of the Fall (you guys thought I’d go WWZ but Tristan in LOTF was a badass even if he didn’t fight any zombies). Thanks for writing in!

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