How long do you think dumb people will survive?

Question from “John the Master”:
How long do you think dumb people will survive?

I think that the term “dumb” could be pretty open to interpretation (anything from those who don’t have survival skills, to those with low IQ’s, to people without the ability to speak), so let’s just pick a category and give that our best guess. I’d say that those who have failed to plan, whether they be Rhodes scholars or Nobel prize winners, are not going to fair too well. Those are the people we’ll call “dumb” for this answer. If you don’t have a solid survival plan, you’re time table for survival will be extremely limited. The human body is able to survive without potable water between 3 and 5 days in the most ideal of conditions. If you don’t know where your next drink of water is coming from when the wheels fall off of this crazy hayride we call civilization, you’ve got a max survival of 5 days. Bearing in mind that thirst will lead to diminished cognitive abilities and increased risk taking, you’re probably looking at 3 days of existence before you succumb to dehydration (if the zombies don’t get you first). So don’t be dumb, make a plan.

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