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How do you know if someone is infected?

A zombie infection is 100% fatal. If someone has been bitten, you can guarantee that they are infected. The timing of an infection may vary from person to person, but it will be very similar.

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Wouldn’t a 22 rifle be the best gun?

That’s a great point, and one thing that’s important to remember about firearms, they only work if you have ammo! While having readily available ammunition is a great benefit of the .22 rifle, I wouldn’t call it the BEST gun for dealing with the Dead Zeds.

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Wouldn’t home be a great place to stay?

You make a very good point and asked a very good question. I do agree that home is a good place to stay — to a certain point — at least in my opinion. But it’s hard to say exactly how long until you access the situation you’re in. It will be different for every home.

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What is the best way to survive a zombie bite?

That’s a good question, but unfortunately, the answer is that it’s practically impossible to survive a zombie bite. Once you’re bitten, you’re as good as dead. Before you die and reanimate, go ahead and start saying good-bye to your loved ones.

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Where would the zombie virus come from?

The only known way for a zombie to form is a plant called Solanum. It is very rare and can only be traced back in a few cases. However, if you watch the movies, zombies can arise from other ways, the most common being a government virus or the simple “no one knows”. Sometimes Hollywood will through in the occasional Black Magic.

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Where is the best place to run to or hide?

The absolute best place to seek refuge is an offshore oil rig. Zombies can’t swim, so you’ll be safe. Workers are meant to stay on off shore oil rigs for months at a time, so you know there will be food and medical supplies.

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