Post Apocalyptic Weapons: What Works Best to Fight the Zombie Horde?

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So you’ve finally bought into this zombie apocalypse craze and are now thinking about building your post apocalyptic weapons base? Well, welcome to the real world.

Picture this, you are in a wilderness of uncountable zombies, with only one other of your kind and a fire that attracts the unwelcome undead with its smoke and the aroma of roasting meat. Did I say meat? Yes, I said meat, but what I did not mention yet is that the mouthwatering meat chops are the result of a stone carved meat harvester. It seems fire is good enough to eliminate the contagious zombie gene. Got my drift yet? If not, let me put it for you in plain words, the fine meat chops are from zombie flesh!

If you just reacted with a “Gak!” you still belong to the innocent about how heated and dire the struggle for survival can be in the zombie apocalypse. Once the undead strike, anything edible is good and only the best of post apocalyptic weapons will save you. Here’s why you need the weapons:

  • If the undead catch up with you, their bite will infect and kill you. Your only option after that is to undie.
  • If you are still alive and non-zombie, you need to stay that way by keeping away from the walking ghouls.
  • When worse comes to worst, the battle is not just about zombie vs mortal but also survivor against survivor. Remember Hobbe’s “Man is a wolf to man?” Well, the philosophical assumption becomes factual reality in the zombie survival struggles.

If it’s as bad as it sounds, any post apocalypse weapon you craft or buy must be 101% effective in defense from the zombies. No room for chances here. Your armaments must meet some key characteristics to stand a chance against the ravaging zombies:

  • Zombies only die when their brain is destroyed. Your firearm must have a perfect aim.
  • The closer you get to a zombie, the closer you are to infection and death. Your weapon should be used at a good distance from the undead.

What weapons meet these characteristics? Below is your list of post apocalyptic weapons that will raise your chances of survival.

The Rifle

The rifle is a good choice because it has the two key characteristics for an appropriate zombie apocalypse weapon; power and distance. You can stay away from the deadly creature and aim at its brain. Your target is to blow the stuff off so there is no chance that what is left of the matter will keep the creature surviving.

Should you be unluckily surprised by a zombie from close range, the heavier end of the firearm can help you smash its skull and hopefully scatter its brains.

Take as an example the famous AK 47. The weapons can withstand any treatment including falling into mud. Since it is common, you can easily replenish your ammo bank and keep blowing those unwanted zombie brains.

The Shotgun

The long gun fires multiple pellets within seconds. The two characteristics (long and multiple pellets) make it appropriate for your zombie apocalypse defense.

Shotguns can be adapted to hold more than just the gun. These could include knives and a flashlight among other tools of survival. The semi-automatic action is your best bet in the valley of the rotting ghouls. Once the shelled ammo is shot, the holding cartridge is ejected and a new one loaded for the next shot.

Of course, if there’s one thing that Bruce Campbell’s taught us, you can never go wrong with a good old-fashioned double barreled shotgun. Sure, you won’t have the same reload time as other guns, but you’ll definitely win style points with a trusty boom stick.

The Crossbow

Readapted from medieval times, the crossbow shoots bolts in place of the traditional arrows. In a zombie apocalypse battle field, the armament would be perfect for its accuracy and the penetrating power of the bolt. Besides, crossbows are easy to make and can be supplied in numbers.

Zombies like noise and would be surprised by the silent crossbow.

Be sure to practice your use of the bow prior to the apocalypse. Shooting the crossbow necessitates physical strength. Your opponent may also catch up with you while you reload the weapon since that takes time. One shot at a time before reloading may work against you if you miss the undead with you first shot.

The Decapitation Arrow

The decapitating arrow is multi-blade and once shot, the blades chop off anything on their way. In the apocalypse, the decapitating arrow should target the zombie’s neck to separate the head and the body. This stops the creature from pursuing you. However, the head is still a danger and getting near it could cost you a bite from the teeth of the ‘living’ head. You therefore need to complete the job using a weapon that can destroy the zombie’s brain.

The Machete

The machete may not have the advantage of distance but it has a long and sharp blade and can allow you enough room to split open the head of the zombie and disperse its contents. The weight of the machete works as an additional force on the creature’s skull. You, however, need to keep your machete sharp to keep using it as a weapon against the rotting ghouls.

Choose Wisely

The battle with the undead is a life and death one. Your chances of surviving depend on how wisely you choose your post apocalyptic weapons. Your armaments should be good enough to keep you as far as possible from the bodied ghouls. They should also be the best in making a target shot to the Zombie’s brain. Only then are you safe from the infecting bite of the undead and so from death.

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