How to Survive without Water

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If you are in the wilderness with an empty bottle, do not worry too much. Take a deep breath, knowing that there ways to survive without water. If you know the ways, you will not only survive but also enjoy the thrill of survival. Unless of course this particular strain of Virus Z is spread through water. Then you might be SOL.

The ways are not very easy, but if you have the courage to exert yourself, you will you have a great survival story to wow people. In this post, we will show you how to survive without water.

How long can humans survive without water?

For your survival, your body must be properly hydrated. To function properly, you need to drink enough water everyday. Through urination and sweat, you excrete water constantly.

Humans can not live long without consuming enough water. In some situations, the effects or dehydration may hit you sooner.

In medical term, you experience dehydration when your body does not get enough water. About 60 percent of the weight of your body consists of water. Children are more susceptible to dehydration. Before you try to figure out how to live without water, you must know this fact.

The time period varies, because it depends on several factors such as activity level, age, environmental conditions, weight, health, and food intake.

Your body may use more or less water depending on these factors. In a hot climate, you will sweat more. So you will need to drink more water. If you have diarrhea, your body will excrete water more rapidly. If you are exercising, your body will use more water.

Some food items contain more water than others. Although beverages are fluids, there are some beverages that foster dehydration. Those beverages include alcohol and caffeine. If you want to know how to survive without water, think twice before consuming these beverages.

According to a study, humans can not survive more than 3 weeks without consuming food and water. With that said, it is important to notice that water is more important than food. If you are on a hunger strike but you have access to water, chances are that you will live a few months.

According to an article published in the British Medical Journal, if a person on hunger strike wants to main fluid levels in the body, he or she must drink at least 1.5 liters of water each day. Human body loses sodium through sweating. So you should also add some salt to the water.

According to the recommendations by the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, men should consume 125 ounces and women should consume 93 ounces of water each day. This is the total amount of fluid that you should get in the forms of foods and beverages. This is another important thing to know if you want to know how to live without water.

Humans drink water based on the feeling of thirst. If you drink water every time you get thirsty, you will get enough water. The body reacts in many ways to dehydration. Without enough water, the cells of your body will shrink. You will urinate less, because to function properly, the kidneys rely on water.

That means surviving without water is really hard. However, here are some ways that can help you cope with the situation:

Do not get nervous

This really hard, but you must keep your cool. But at the same time you have to get highly motivated, because you will survive a limited time without water. An average human being can survive up to 5 days without a drop of water. But, after a couple of days, dehydration will be a really tough thing to deal with.

Dehydration will lead to other problems such as lethargy, confusion and rapid heartbeat. Do not worry, and do not waste your time doing nothing. Keep your motivation, focus on your breathing and move slowly. Too much movement may make you tired within a short time.

Do not sweat it

When you are looking for water, you should be very serious about it. Until you find a source of water, you must conserve the fluids already present in your body. Try not to do things that make you perspire. The dehydration process will be faster if you sweat a lot.

Many adventurers forget this important fact when they face the real problem. They run to and fro, sweat a lot and quickly lose physical and mental agility. If you know this trick, you will have better chances to survive in any place without water.

Do not just munch on snowballs

If you get stuck in a frozen area and do not find water nearby, you may feel tempted to munch on snowballs. But the fact is, if you do it, your body will lose temperature soon. Eating water in its frozen form can be dangerous in some cases. That is why you should be careful when you decide to much on snowballs.

That is why you should not stop your search too early. Look for tracks left by animals and follow the tracks. Eventually you may find a stream or a lake. Just make sure that you do not lose hope too quickly.

But if you are sure that there is no sources of water in the area melt the snow into water and then drink it. However, do not rely on this source for a long time. It is easy to figure out how to survive without water if you get stuck in a place with snow.

Look for banana trees

If you get stuck in a jungle, see if you can find a banana tree nearby. To use a banana tree as a water fountain, you need a knife. First, all but the bottom of the tree should be hacked away.

Then into the top of the stump, you have to carve a bowl. Fluids will be brought up into the trunk, and soon you will find water in the bowl. If you want to know how to survive without water, using a banana tree is one of the best tips you can find anywhere. It will help you quench your thirst to some extent.

Make use of gravity

It can be pretty hard to find water in a desert. But with a trick, you can make gravity do some lifting for you. To find water in crevices or valleys, you need to walk downhill. And if you still fail to find water, you can cut a cactus with a machete and squeeze the moisture from it. Just make sure you do not eat the pulp.

Yes, there may be some other ways to survive without water, but they are dependent on the situation you are in. when you really face the challenge, you may be able to figure out how to live without water. There are many cases in which adventurers faced and overcome the scarcity of water.

The bottom line

To be able to live, it is of utmost importance to maintain sufficient water in your body. And if you do not get water, you will live just a few days. The amount of water you should drink is determined by your sensation of thirst. To stay healthy, you will need to drink more water if the temperature is high.

Survival without water is a tricky issue. You must do something very quickly, because if you are late, you will lose energy and enthusiasm. Hopefully this post will help you figure out how to survive without water. If you succeed, you will always be proud of this experience.

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