How to Prepare for the End of the World

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In the last years, the topic of the upcoming end of the world is everywhere. Whether it’s a natural disaster, an international crisis, or a zombie apocalypse, many people believe that the end is near and are actively preparing to face it.

If you don’t have an action plan yet there is no need to worry. It is still not too late to become a ‘prepper’. Here is how to prepare for the end of the world with three easy tips.

Survival of the fittest

Preparing your body should be your first step in your end of the world plan. Today’s environment encourages us to live a lazy life. We are highly dependent on cars, buses, and trains. Even those who visit the gym regularly often do it just to get and maintain that six-pack.

But in apocalypse world at the end of the day, only the fittest will have a real chance to survive. To increase your odds start working on your endurance, strength, and cardio today. You have to be prepared for walking tens and maybe even hundreds of miles on foot instead of driving. You will have to chop your own wood instead of turning on the AC. And you will have to outrun that zombie if you do not want to become dinner.

So get off the couch and find a whole body workout routine that will get you in shape.

Stock up on food and water

When it comes to survival you may have heard of the rule of the threes.

  • The human body can survive up to 3 hours in extreme weather conditions.
  • The human body can survive up to 3 days without water.
  • The human body can survive up to 3 weeks without food.

If you have seen any of the TV shows showing ‘preppers’ getting ready for the end-of-days, then you probably noticed what they all have in common. If you ask them how to prepare for the end of the world they will surely advise you to build up your stock.

So if you want to make it for more than three weeks be sure to stock up on the essentials.

Your main priority should be building a good reserve of drinkable water. There are certain types of water that are more suitable for storing because of their extended shelf life. If possible, avoid storing the water in plastic bottles.

In addition to the water stock, make sure you also have plenty of purification tablets around because sooner or later you will run out of your stock and the water you find in lakes and rivers may be contaminated.

The other item on top of your list should be your food supply. If you want to survive the first apocalyptic wave you will need to have enough food to last until it is safe to go out there and scavenge for more.

It is very important that the food you stock on has extended shelf life so you don’t have to replace it every couple of months until the end of the world comes. A good option is compact and dehydrated food that doesn’t take much space and are easy to carry around in your bag.

If possible you could also freeze some of the food you store. However, keep in mind that in case of a power failure you may need to start with the frozen food first.

When it comes to cooking supplies you should only prepare the bare minimum. You will need a pot to boil water and cook the food. Some lightweight bowls and basic utensils may also come in handy. Be sure to pack a good knife as well as you may need it not only for the food. A Swiss Army Knife is a great tool that can be used in different situations.

Build up some skills

If you are really interested in how to prepare for the end of the world you should consider building up some skills to help you stay among the living.

One thing essential for your survival is fire. You will need it for boiling your water, cooking your food, staying warm and even for a light at night. Stocking up on matches and lighters is a good idea but in the long run, it would be great if you learn how to light a fire the old fashioned way.

Hunting, fishing, and foraging will also be useful in apocalypse world. When the food in your supply runs out you may need to go to the wilderness to gather some more. Make sure you learn to recognize the edible from the poisonous mushrooms, plants and even reptiles.

If you have a farm you may want to stock on some seeds and learn some basic gardening skills beforehand. In the end, growing your own food is a great investment in the long run.

Another useful, and greatly underestimated, skill for you to learn is bartering. You may have your lifelong savings in the bank but when the apocalypse strikes money won’t be worth anything. Even the cash you have stored may turn out to be useless at the end. After all, when it comes to survival money and gold are no good against starvation or freezing.

Cash may be needed at first when you have to get some essentials but when things get really bad it won’t do you any good. Learn how to negotiate for goods and services and eventually your fishing skill may be worth way more than a stack of cash.

Last, but surely not least, learn some self-defense and first aid skills. You may be facing a world after a natural disaster when every man is fighting for his own survival. Or you may have entered the world of the walking dead. Sooner or later, however, you will need to fight for your life or for your family.

Learning how to defend yourself and those around you may make the difference between surviving the initial catastrophe and living long enough to see the new world that will come eventually. In the end, it’s all part of finding out how to prepare for the end of the world before the disaster strikes.

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