Zombie Proof Emergency Power Solutions

If you can have power then you better have power! In other words, if you are going to leverage the incredible force multiplier of technology you better commit to having power to do just that. There are unstoppable zombie proof power solutions that can be used to survive the hordes and the humans, alike.

You must identify and prepare to use these power solutions before the apocalypse. They are cheap and highly accessible now. Zombies tend to have a negative effect on availability of goods.

Your first step is to build an arsenal for harnessing the sun. Forget about carrying a bunch of batteries around or scavenging for them. Go right to greatest source of power in our solar system. Solar powered tools will go far and will last a very long time.

Harness the sun’s power with foldable solar panels that are lightweight and efficient. These are not expensive and will pay dividends.

To best take advantage of these solar panels you must also invest in items that can be powered by USB. Now whether you know it or not there is a massive, growing market for items that can be powered this way. This tech is small and perfect for beating back zombies while running and gunning.

Look at the many items you can get powered by USB and that set of foldable solar panels.


These small desktop fans are usually seen in cubicles but when the power goes out in the summer or if you are on the road these little fans can be the only way to get some relief from the heat.


Get on the path of escaping dependence on batteries. It’s important that you do the same. When it comes to light you can create an incredible system that utilizes solar power banks and your light sources.


If you are going to do anything with batteries consider the rechargeable type that are for sale at amazon. These rechargeable AA and AAA batteries plug directly into a USB port to charge.

Stun Guns

Not the best weapon to take down a zombie but a great weapon for shutting down bad situations with people. These guns could defuse a fight in your own camp or protect you against bad people with evil intentions.


If you can keep your devices powered up and ready to offer the tons of benefits therein, you will have an advantage. There are offline apps that will offer you up an amazing array of tools and info. You may think these devices irrelevant in a zombie apocalypse but I beg to differ.

Kids Toys

The most painful thing will be seeing the children live through this undead nightmare. Get some sturdy USB powered kids toys for downtime. It could make the nightmare a little better.

Become well versed in the world of USB powered resources and power banks. These two items coupled with foldable solar panels will allow you to control your world a little more. When you are making your way through the terrors of the zombie world every slight edge helps.

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