What is the best way to survive a zombie bite?

In this edition of “Ask Bast”, Anonymous asks:
“What is the best way to survive a zombie bite?”


That’s a good question, but unfortunately, the answer is that it’s practically impossible to survive a zombie bite. Once you’re bitten, you’re as good as dead. Before you die and reanimate, go ahead and start saying good-bye to your loved ones. What’s even better is to plan something that could save nearby survivors. Maybe you can distract the zombies so you can save the lives of others. Might as well, right?

Zombie Bite

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Let’s take a look at your question though. If you would be able to survive, the only answer would be amputation. Even with amputation, the chances are still very slim that you can survive because you would have to act VERY fast. A zombie infection is from a virus. A virus flows into your system very quickly, so you do not have time to stall. Would you be able to chop off your arm, leg, finger, wrist, hand, foot, etc. within seconds of getting infected? Even if you were able to, you may experience a large amount of blood loss and it could be fatal. What about the group you’re worth? Would they want to take the risk of keeping you alive?

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