7 Survival Workout Routines for the Apocalypse

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If there is one thing you will be doing a lot in the apocalyptic times, it is exercise. But there’s a condition to being successful in the survival tactics during the undead invasion; doing a lot of survival workout before doom day. Imagine having to run for miles and miles when you’ve never ran for a single mile before the undead attack. You would collapse and die without the infective bite of the zombies.

The battle with the undead will be about running, hiding, dodging bites, jumping over fences and maybe across rivers, and launching and firing weapons. If you can’t run faster than a zombie or be swift enough to evade his protruding teeth, consider yourself dead.

If this be the scenario, zombie apocalypse survival is for the fittest: the marathoners, the professional high jumpers, the boxers, and the army men. Cowards give up before trying. And you aren’t admitting to being one. You can be any of these people by routine survival workout.

What Aspects should the Survival Workout target?

To survive the zombie invasion, you need to prepare your physique in different aspects:

  • Stamina: endurance in sustaining a mental or physical effort for a considerable period of time. In the apocalypse era, stamina will be key in winning a physical battle with a zombie as well as persistence in walking when the failing physical strength is convincing you otherwise.
  • Resistance: the capacity to withstand adverse conditions without giving up. A month of struggle with the undead or of running away from them does not leave you much energy. Resistance will be crucial to survive and not let the zombies bite you with ease.
  • Speed: if stamina will keep you running for a long time, speed will keep you as far away as possible from the deadly bite. The faster and long you can run, the higher your chances of survival.
  • Agility: your ability to move fast and easily will be your best card when you come face to face with the charging undead.

Specific exercises will sharpen your preparedness in these aspects and in any others that will be important for your zombie apocalypse survival.

Squat jumps

Squat jumps will strengthen your leg muscles for any jump that will keep you away from the zombies. This could mean jumping across a fence, hoping from roof to roof or from rock to rock and so on. Squat jumps will also give your leg and hip joints the resistance to run fast and long.

4 – 5 sets of 20 squats 2 – 3 days a week will strengthen your muscles and build stamina.


Imagine holding a zombie by their back, lifting them up, and crashing them on a hard rock. Pushups will give your arm muscles the stamina to achieve that. If you are in a habited area, pushups will make your arms ready to push a door until the undead gives up opening it.

30-50 pushups a day is good enough for anyone with an apocalypse survival mentality.


Have you seen any of those zombie movies where the human hangs on a tree branch and swings on it to knock over and dismantle the unsuspecting ghoul?  There’s your reason for daily pullup exercises. Pullups will give stamina to your hand muscles and train your body in the agility to swing over fences or high walls using tree branches or ropes. Your opponent will not be able to keep up with you on pullups, which give you greater chances against the deadly bite.

20-50 pullups a day would make you unreachable by the brain suckers.

Running and jogging

The chick that runs faster escapes the hawk. If you will always lag behind on the trail of survivor’s, you can begin to imagine the grip of the zombie as he pulls you over and digs the ugly teeth into your shoulder fresh. The consequence will be the deadly infection and eventual death.

If you stick to a 30 minutes run or jog daily, you can picture yourself at the lead of the train of survivors when running becomes necessary. You will have the protection of all your followers.

Fireman carry

A fireman always has his backpack for food, water, ammo and other supplies. Exercise in carrying loads will train you on the stamina and resistance to carry your own supply load for weeks or even months. When the undead strike, you do not know how long the battle will last and your knapsack should be loaded enough to last you the longest possible. That is no small load, and your body needs to sustain it for many walking and running days.

The fireman carry exercise will also give you stamina in case you need to carry a wounded companion, as long as the injury is not a zombie bite.

The bent over row

The exercise entails lifting weight in a slightly bent over position. The intent is to strengthen your back and arm muscles at the same time.

With all the shooting and firing you will do in the apocalypse battle field, a strong back and strong arm muscles are an essential asset.


Supporting your body weight on a single leg strengthens your hips, hamstrings and the thigh muscles. During the apocalypse run, consistence in lunge exercises will give you the strength, endurance and balance in climbing hills, rocks, or the stairs of a tall building if need be. The staggering ghouls will not be able to keep up with you on the climbing challenge.

Start Now

If you intend to count among the fittest for survival in the zombie apocalypse, your survival workout routine should start now. The stronger, faster, agile and swift you get before the zombie attack the higher your chances of staying away from the deadly bite.

If the blood bath never happens, you can enjoy the benefits of a strong and well-toned body. Your workout efforts will not go to waste.

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