Off Grid Communication for Survival

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Whether you are a hiker, hunter or survivalist, you should know the methods of off grid communication. Communication is of utmost importance when disaster strikes, and when you are outdoors. It can save your life in emergency situations.

Phone coverage is still scant in many areas. Yes, you can use satellite phones in those circumstances, but satphones are ridiculously expensive. But with the advancement of technology, there are some affordable options, and in this post we will focus on those options.

The importance of off-grid communication

People all over the world are now using smartphones. These devices are now being used for many purposes. But it should also be noted that smartphones can not be used for off-grid communication.

Phone reception can be scant in many circumstances. If you are camping or hiking in the mountains, you will not have access to a phone network. It can happen even when you are in the city.

If you are a survivalist or a prepper, you must have an off grid communication so that you can communicate with people when you are under terror attacks, cyber attacks, or you are faced with natural disasters.

In the past, there were very few systems of off gird communication, and HAM Radio systems were particularly common. You can still use a HAM Radio, but you need some technical knowledge to operate it. It is also pretty expensive, and this piece of equipment is not very easy to carry.

And there is a major setback of a HAM Radio: it requires a power supply. Although you can use external battery and solar charger, that may not be possible in all situations. That is why you need a smart system of off grid communication. Now we are going to discuss some systems of off-grid communication.


First developed during the Second World War, a Walkie-talkie is in essence a two-way radio. For troops, it is a very effective way of communication. A Walkie-talkie is based on radio signals, and you can use it as a system of off grid communication.

Walkie-talkies are cheap, easily available, easy-to-use, and require simple batteries. There are two main buttons, and you can almost intuitively understand how to use them. In a crisis situation, this device can be very helpful.


Humans have been using sounds to communicate since time immemorial. The sound can be just about any sound. You may use trumpets or horns, or you may just shout for help. Loud sound can be produced by using a bell.

The sound may signal people and they may come forward to help you. Yes, you will need tools to create sounds, and the process of making the tools may not be easy.


In these days, mail may sound low tech, but it is still being used throughout the world. People still use postal services to send letters. And if there is a calamity, this service can be more relevant.

The process is pretty slow, and the letters may take weeks to get to the destination. But mail does not require any power source, and that is a huge plus. If there is a post office in the area, that can serve as a great off grid communication system.

Trained animals

For ages, trained animals such as pigeons have helped people communicate. In an emergency situation, this is a great way to communicate with people. The process is a bit complicated, because you have to train the animals for at least a couple of months. Using trained animals is one of the most effective off grid communication systems.

Morse code

Morse code was invented by Samuel Morse. In this communication system, a string of signals are sent and then they are deciphered. But you need some code knowledge to decipher the signals.

In case of emergency, Morse code is a widely used communication system. The signals use dots and dashes, and they can be recognized easily.


This method of communication is pretty old, but you can still use it in case you get stuck in a desolate place. Signs can help you communicate with other people. Some examples of signs are stone formations and smoke signs.

You can also carve something into a tree. Although it is possible to communicate in this way, your success depends on where you are, and whether people will try to understand the signs.

Ham Radio

In emergency situations, Ham Radios have been used for many years. Unlike smartphones, Ham Radios do not need a cell tower. But they require electricity. Using a Ham Radio, you can send signals pretty easily, and people using the same type of device can easily pick up the signals.

But there is a great downside of using a Ham Radio. If you are in a place where there are many hills and mountains, you may not be able to send the signals, because the mountains will block the signals.

Satellite phones

Using satellite phones is another reliable off grid communication system. These phones can work without using a cell tower. Satellite phones work by connecting to the orbiting satellites. These phones may look like regular cell phones, but they are equipped with advanced features.

You can use these devices to send SMS and to make phone calls. If the sky is clear, you can use a satellite phone to reach anywhere. If you are planning an expedition in a remote place, using a satellite phone is one of the best things you can do.

There are some modern models of satellite phones that can be used for casual use. For a modest monthly fee, you can regularly send SMS via the satellite. Although these phones are a bit expensive, they can be very useful in emergency situations.


If you are living in a place where you do not have access to any mobile phone service, Beartooth can help you communicate with other people. Besides sending text messages, Beartooth can also help you establish voice communication. But the device has some limitations. Voice can be sent within a range of just 5 miles.

You can also use this device to recharge your smartphone. The topographical map in this device can show you the exact location of other people in your group. It makes it easier to track the members of your group. Beartooth is a great device for off grid communication.


This small device can be connected to your Android smartphone or iPhone. The device enables you to send text messages to other Tenna-enabled smartphones, even in the absence of a network.

The device has long-range frequencies which enable you to send GPS coordinates to anywhere on the planet. This is another great device for off grid communication.

If you are a survivalist, you will have to figure out which method of off-grid communication will work for you. Factors such as geography and location will determine which method you should use.

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