As the zombie apocalypse progresses, one thing that will become abundantly pertinent is how well you’ve prepared for the disposal of human waste. We all do it. Some of us more than others, but all of us nonetheless, must go to the bathroom on a daily basis. If you haven’t considered your waste disposal situation, than you’ve forgotten a major factor of you long-run survival plan. If properly maintained, a functioning composting toilet will have very little odor and will effectively maintain itself for long periods of time. There are a few required components such as chemical lime and composting mulches that will be used to create an environment where microbes break down waste products effectively and sanitarily. An important lesson I learned a long time ago on a 6-month backpacking trip was “Never pee in the privy”…this is easier for the fellas than the ladies, but urines acidity will upset the pH in the compost and cause rot and pungent odors. If at all possible, pee in the woods, not in the privy. So how does one set up a long lasting, self-sustaining composting toilet? You start by getting a copy of “The composting toilet system book” and pick out your system. Then you find an appropriate spot and build yourself a throne suitable for the apocalypse surviving king or queen that you are.

The Composting Toilet System Book


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