How would I go about fortifying a shipping container?

Question from Tom:
I have a rural home approximately 20 minutes out of a city with a population of well over 100 000 people. Will this be far enough out for my bug out location? Also, how would I go about fortifying a shipping container (my main concern being the walls).

Answer from Bast:
Big question Tom. We will have to take this one in a few bites.

Question 1.
A big city will quickly become a big warzone. You have suburbs beyond that and these areas will be under pressure as well. Im guessing you mean a 20-minute ride and that is not very far from people. It might take the living dead longer to find you but desperate people who still have working vehicles could get to you much quicker. They will want what you have.

Living rural has always been assumed to be the way to go. There is one real issue with living far out in isolation. You are all alone out there. So you better be ready for that.

Question 2.
If you have a shipping container there is only one thing do with it and that is get that thing into the ground. Rent some machinery, while you have the option, and get that puppy into the ground. If you want to fortify from there, you can set the shipping container into some framed concrete.

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