How do you know if someone is infected?

In this edition of “Ask Bast”, Mizael asks: “How do you know if someone is infected?”


A zombie infection is 100% fatal. If someone has been bitten, you can guarantee that they are infected. The timing of an infection may vary from person to person, but it will be very similar.

In the first hour, a infected person will experience pain and discoloration of the infected area. Around the fifth hour, they will experience a fever with chills, dementia, vomiting, and acute pain in the joints. Around the eighth hour, they will feel extremely numb in the infected area. Their fever and dementia will increase. They will also experience loss of muscular coordination. Around the eleventh hour, the infected will be paralyzed in the lower body. They will experience overall numbness and slowed heart rate. Around the sixteenth hour of being infected, the person will be in a coma. Around the twentieth hour they pretty much die. Their heart stops and there is zero brain activity. Just under or around twenty-four hours of being infected, they will reanimate.

Time to run or kill.

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