Generating Your Own Electricity

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If you are living off the grid, you can create electricity pretty easily. And these skills will come in even more handy when there is no grid because it’s been devoured by the undead.

Even if you can generate a little electricity, you can get a lot of things done. And if you can generate enough electricity, you can charge a car or cut your electricity bill. Generating your own electricity is not as hard as most people think. In this post, we will show you some easy ways.

Going solar

First, you have to know the basics of solar panels. Solar panels are considered a good solution because they have many advantages. There are many products on the market that are well-trusted.

Direct exposure to the sun is important and that is why a solar panel should be south-facing. However, if you are in the southern hemisphere, the panel should be north-facing. Your latitude should be the angle from a spirit level.

On a cloudy day, you will get only 10-15% of electricity. You can build fixed mounts onto a structure of place them on the roof. If it is near the ground, you will find it easy to mount them.

Remember, a 100 watt solar panel will not deliver that amount of power every day.

Start small

To start off with, do not get more than a couple of solar panels. If you install them in stages, you will not have to count all the cost at once. You can expand a grid-attached rooftop system. When you shop, you can check it.

Learn to maintain the system

The system will eventually fall apart if you do not know how to care of it. If you try to save now, you may need to spend later. The system will take care of you if you take care of the system.

Be prepared to spend so that the system keeps running. You will face nasty situations if the funds run out in the middle.

Choose a system type

You may want a grid-connected system or a stand alone solution. When it comes to sustainability, a stand alone power system is a better choice. You will always know which one is the source of power you are using.

And if you want stability and redundancy, a grid-connected solution is a better choice. It also allows you to sell power to a utility company. It is possible to earn if you use your grid-connected system as a stand-alone one.

You can learn more about a grid connected system if you contact a utility provider. You may also get some incentives.

Alternative systems

If you do not want to go solar, or if that is not convenient for you, there are some alternative methods of generating your own electricity. Below we are going to discuss some alternative systems.

Wind turbines

In windy and overcast climates, you should go for wind turbines. Wind turbines are not as costly as solar power. If you do some research online, you will find some ways to make a wind turbine out of an old car alternator. Although it can give you suitable results, we do not recommend it if you have zero experience.

There are also some commercial solutions, and they are fairly inexpensive. A ghost wind turbine is another great option. It is less conspicuous because it is made of clear plastic.

However, wind power has some drawbacks. It may not be easy for you to put turbines high in the air. Even if you can, your neighbors may not like them. The clear plastic turbines may not be visible to birds.

You need consistent wind to get wind power. For this, you must install the system in an open area.

Micro-hydro generators

Micro-hydro technologies are of different types. You can make one by simply connecting a homemade propeller to a car alternator, or you can use a fairly robust, advanced system. It can be a self-contained and efficient solution if you install it on a riverfront property.

Use a fossil fuel generator

You may need a generator if you are living off the grid for any reason. Most generators take a fairly long time to react to changes in load, and that is why you may not be able to use power-hungry devices such as washing machines.

For emergency use, you can use a small generator, which you can find at your hardware store. If you use them for daily power, they will fail quickly.

To purchase a large household generator, you will have to count some cost. They use LPG, diesel or gasoline. When they power supplied from the grid is interrupted, they kick on using the self-starting mode. You should talk to a licensed electrician before you install one. Make sure all building codes are followed.

There are some easily affordable generators that are made for trailer, RV, or marine use. These generators are small and quiet. They can run on diesel, gasoline or LPG. They are longer lasting, and they can run for hours. Power and heat are produced simultaneously by combined or co generated heat and power systems,

This system is a good option for you if you need to use the heat even in a warm climate.

Getting the right stuff

Before you make a decision, you can shop around and gain some knowledge about different services and products. If you do some research, you will find some solutions that will really fit your needs.

Get expert advice

A person with sufficient experience can help you make important decisions. While some vendors will try their level best to help you, others will not. When you choose a DIY community, make sure that the community’s main goal is to help you, not to make money. When it comes to generating your own electricity, it is not necessary to spend money lavishly.

Preparing for the worst

For larger installation, you should ask for insurance coverage. If there is a disaster, your homeowner’s policy might refuge to cover it. It can be heartbreaking, so you should be prepared.

Make a plan for backup power

You can not rely on the natural elements used by a self-contained power system. You can not always harness the sun and the wind and the water. For most people, the least expensive solution is a grid-connected system. This is system is better for people who are current power customers.

But the planet is being polluted considerably due to the activities of energy companies. When they are forced, they go solar but make sure that the package is tied to the grid.

When there is insufficient power, the grid fills in the gap. And if there is more power than necessary, the power is sold to the grid.

Generating your own electricity can be good for you in many ways. But in the absence of a power service nearby, you will have to spend more to get connected to the grid.

Using batteries

When you are looking for some methods of generating your own electricity, using batteries is a good solution. There are a few things to consider when you use batteries. If you mix new batteries with older ones, the new ones will not work well.

Then you will have to figure out how many batteries you need. The amp-hours indicate the storage capacity of the batteries. If you want to find kilowatt hours, you will have to multiply the number of volts by amp hours.

Then you will have to divide the result by 1000. If you are interested in generating your own electricity, you should know these simple things.

It is of utmost importance to choose the right type of battery. There are wet cells batteries, gel batteries, absorbed glass mat batteries, car batteries and marine batteries. If you do some research, you will be able to choose the right type of battery.

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