What effects does cold weather have on zombies?

Question from Justin R.:
What effects does cold weather have on zombies? How do temperatures below freezing affect zombies?

Dude, awesome question. And thanks for writing it in proper grammar. Everyone seems to forget grammar and punctuation when they write in.

Due to the zombie infection reanimating and controlling tissues without necessarily restarting the hosts circulatory system, extremely cold weather could be very effective at slowing them down, or even freezing them solid. As the liquids in their bodies reach freezing temperatures the liquids will crystallize and cause rapid and substantial tissue degradation. They’ll basically start cracking to pieces and falling apart. With that being said, we’d better be wary of zombies wearing insulated jackets!! This leads me to an interesting thought, the lodge at the top of a ski resort would probably be a great place to set up shop during an outbreak. Après-ski? More like Après-Z!!!

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