Beating Hypothermia in the Zombie Apocalypse

For many survivors the zombies will be one of many threats to face. One of the most murderous threats will come at the turn of the seasons. When the cool winds of fall give way to winter people will not only be threatened by zombies but also the death by cold. Starvation is also a wonderful part of winter as well.

In the coldest weather you will find that the zombies slowdown and sometimes freeze. There is nothing heating their core temperature so as temperatures get low they must continuously move to stay unfrozen. This is a benefit for the survivor.

There are a few ways that you can prepare for the deadly weather of winter. Whether you seek out permanent shelter, winter clothing or become a master of fire and shelter on the go there are skills and resources out there to keep you warm and alive even after Z Day.

Permanent Shelter

The best method for beating the terrible winter weather is to secure your permanent winter shelter long before it gets cold. Start looking for that great shelter in August. Don’t just move in right away. You never know who lives there or who might be coming back.

Spend a couple weeks gathering intel on this location. Make sure the space is truly abandoned. Before moving in.

After that you can move in and check all the rooms for the undead. It’s not uncommon for people to lock those nasty zombies in rooms and get out of dodge. Don’t get a wakeup call from a decomposing zombie, in your new home.

Finally set up your living quarters or command post in a room that is easy to escape and has a good vantage point.

Just because you have a phone doesn’t mean you will survive the winter. People freeze to death in their homes every year. You must stay bundled up and warm or have a fire or heat source.

Sewing Kit

A simple sewing kit will take up very little space and is also incredibly lightweight. The best part about the having a sewing kit is that you can piece together warm clothing for the winter. Whether you go the route of using animal hides, which are extremely effective, or if you gather scrap cloth and create your own layers, a sewing kit makes it all possible.

Throw one of these in your kit and get used to using it. It can also repair your basic layers of clothes as well.

Mastering Fire

In the winter it will also help to become a master of fire. Whether this means you store plenty of wood and fuel or become a pro starting fires by various means it’s important that you become an expert in making fire.

Nothing warms you, dries you and feeds you the way fire does. You can also sanitize drinking water, melt snow and preserve food with fire.

One of the best ways to stay warm is to drink warm liquids or even just warm water. I am a fan of hot teas and in the winter hot tea over the fire will warm you from the inside.


  • Cover your hands, feet and head
  • Tight fitting base layers keep heat in
  • Stay active
  • Section off rooms with sheets or blankets hung in doorways
  • Kill drafts with rolled up sheets or covers

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