Once the apocalypse happens, where is the best place to get guns?

Question from Mckayla:
I was told to plan realistically – where do we get guns? The most common place for everyone to go is to the gun shop, shopping centers and pharmacies. But everyone will be going there which is not advisable since we could spread the virus. Also: zombies have difficulty focusing on more than one thing at a time – lots of people = lots of noise = lots of zombie. What do I do?

Answer from Bast:
Remember, a gun is not the best weapon for dispatching zombies. You want something much more quiet. If you find yourself without a gun and all the gun shops in your area are being ransacked its time for you to go into nocturnal mode. Travel by night and focus on silence. Sleep in safe locations during the day. This will limit your contact with people who have fire arms.

You could also happen upon some firearms that may be left unattended in the middle of the night. Ya follow me?

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