7 Survival Hacks on the Road

On the run from the zombies you will occasionally find a good place to shack up for a few days. Sometimes it can last even longer. Don’t get too comfortable because after a while either the zombies will crash your party or some evil people will show up to take over.

Either way, you will find yourself out on the road. Survival gets much harder here. You will struggle to rest and find food. Security will be tough as well.

I have 7 hacks for you that will make life on the road a little more bearable. Whether we are talking about foot care, light sources or multi use gadgets we have a little bit of all that in this collection of survival hacks for the road.

Duct Tape your Feet

The road is one foot in front of the other. It may be just a few miles or it could be a few days. No one really knows. No matter what kind of shoes you are hiking in your feet will need protection. Lotions and creams are best for your feet but they will run out eventually. When resources are tight just take a piece of duct tape and cover your heels. Take another piece and cover the balls of your feet all the way across beneath all your toes. This will do wonders for the preservation of your feet.

Escape from Zip Ties

You never know who or what you are going to run into on the road. The truth is, you are always at risk. If you run into the wrong type of people you could find yourself bound and gagged.

If you find yourself in zip ties you are in better shape than you think. These can be broken very easily by placing the locking mechanism face up so it’s looking at you. Now, by raising both arms above your head and swinging them down into your abs while pulling your arms apart you can smash that mechanism and be free. You will be surprised at how simple this is.

Water Bottle Lamp

One of the simplest hacks is turning your water bottle into a light. Of course, light can have its downsides as well but this is just a simple quick hack that could provide you with more light than normal. Your head lamp can be secured around the bottle and faced into the bottle while turned on. The water will refract the light and your room will shine!

Pack a Pencil Sharpener

Do you struggle with tinder or fire? In a survival situation there is no room for that nonsense. Don’t fret. Instead begin storing a simple pencil sharpener in your bag. Keep it simple. Instead of sharpening pencils you will use this to sharpen sticks. Sure, you can also use the sticks but what you want are the shavings. These will make great tinder. You will be able to use damp sticks with this method also because they will be dry inside.

Fishing Gear

The simplest protein you are going to come across will be in the water. Most people pack guns, bows and cordage for snares. You must have an option for wrangling fish out of the water as well.

One pack of hooks and a spool of fishing line goes a long way. Bait is under your feet and the fish can be all yours. Buy nice small hooks so you can catch any size fish.

Fire Laces

A nice dual-purpose project, fire laces are made when you replace your shoelaces with paracord and then thread on a small piece of ferrocerium onto the laces. This special ferro has two holes drilled into it and threads on your laces perfectly.

Nighttime Travel

When you are on the road every step you take during the day puts you at risk. You just cannot know who is watching. An apocalyptic world is a ruthless one. The best bet for you is to travel through the night.

Believe it or not you have great eyes for night travel if you just let them adjust. Just be careful and understand you will be traveling slower. Also check your light discipline in other words be sure you don’t use light at all! You will stick out for miles.

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